About Us

Hey there, I'm Shai Reznik 😃
I've been a developer for over 16 years and since 2012 I've been heavily involved in the Angular community - writing, contributing, speaking, entertaining and teaching developers all over the world.

I also was fortunate enough to be recognized by Google as a Google Developer Expert (GDE) for Angular.

As a consultant, I've helped over 30 companies build maintainable and testable large scale Angular apps, and my talks and courses about testing have been viewed by thousands of people worldwide.

You might know me from my other crazy conference talks -
like "Resilient Angular Testing" or "Angular testing in TDD" and others..
And you might also know me because I'm your neighbor,
(Hi Moshe!).

I took all of my experience and lessons learned and created a series of courses to help people like you start testing their Angular code.


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