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Test Effective Angular Package

Best for developers who want to get to
ZERO Critical Bugs in production 

What you're getting:

✅ JavaScript Testing Theory

✅ Test Effective TDD Guide

✅ Angular Testing Basics and Testing In Isolation

✅ Class Testing In Action and Advanced Observable Testing 

✅ Effective NgRx Testing 

✅ Effective Cypress Testing

✅ Effective Smoke Testing

✅ Over 20 hours of Knowledge

✅ All Source Code Available

✅ Fun & Engaging Experience





What Other Devs Are Saying:

Lots of useful details about how to work more efficiently with Cypress, and gotchas for what to look out for. Engaging and well-thought-out presentation. Great demo preparation and the inclusion of quizzes was a nice way to keep the audience engaged and aid in retention.

Joel Tanzi, Software Engineer at Engaged Technologies

Great content and amazing presentation! I didn't mind that it was long it kept my interest for sure! Having the quizes was also great.

George Vlachos, Senior Software Engineer at Code.Hub

The content itself was superb. I was excited seeing the application of Lembas. I don't understand how Shai does life :) - developing libraries and courses and hosting this and that... I am happy to be a guinea pig trying out this new frontier that Shai has figured out with how to approach seeding data

Ana Boca, Front-End Developer at Universal Plant Services

This was great! This course was exactly what I was looking for. And I am so excited about the lembas package. I have to try it as soon as possible, it is just amazing.

Michal Štrajt

After doing the usual Google search for information on testing NgRx, and finding some things, but nothing focused and thorough, I had a look at the HiRez course library. And there it was. NgRx Testing Basics. This is going to clear things up for me

Glen Stewart, Software Developer at Universal Plant Services

I understand observable spies now. I always thought it has to do with .and.nextWith. Can't wait to start using this in code. Again, the sessions were packed filled with information. I use this daily at work. Thanks.

Eli Rabinovitz, Frontend Developer at Blooma.ai

The course is very easy to follow and makes very clear every concept and step required to start using TDD. Personally I attended a testing course about AngularJS in the past, but it wasn't comparable at all, nor about the approach, nor about the way topics are presented and explained. Shai rulez! ;-)

Jacopo Penazzi, Team Lead at Municipia S.p.a

I purchased this course. Just finished watching it. Definitely the funniest way you can learn about testing. Shai Reznik simplifies it in a way you can implement in your own project immediately.

Jonathan Kra, Software Architect at Vonage